Public Health Impact Research Centre (PHIRC)




Innovation and Leadership

It has been a joy to be able to create innovative programmes to fulfill our mission statement which is to promote the health of the public in Nigeria and Africa through research, documentation, training, capacity building, advocacy and collaboration. Our members including the youths have also had their capacity built that on their own they can write proposals, attract funding, execute programmes and produce reports. PHIRC also strengthens the activities of other non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations, community-based organisation and faith-based organisation through partnership and being a role model of efficiency and transparency. Our publications are used for advocacy and capacity building of individuals and other organisation. Our research works have also been published in peer review journals:


  • Okonta, PI, Oseji, MI. Relationship between Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and Sexual Behaviour among In-School Adolescents in Delta State of Nigeria. Niger J Clin Pract. 2006;  9 (1): 37 – 39



  • Oseji M, Okolo A. School Health Services and Millennium Development Goals. International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health. 2011; 3(5):378-384.


The organization displays initiative and embarks on high-impact, cost-effectiveness of programmes that can be replicated. It acts as a role model with a passion for leaving a legacy. It emphasizes transparency, partnership, networking, and utilisation of existing resources (zero or minimal budgeting strategy). The organisation has been active and making an impact for 10 years. PHIRC has been a role model of transparency and efficiency to other individuals and organisations using low-cost initiatives for sustainable development. Our use of information communication technology enables us to make a great impact in spite of distance, and build capacity of our members not only for the organisation’s activities but also for their careers and personal lives.









Our Partners

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